Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What defines you?

Fear is a word you hear so often. People are nervous about their future, their family, their friends, their finances, their jobs, their marriages, their kids. You name it someone is probably worried about it.

It’s hard not to be worried when you look at the world we live in. It doesn’t matter what political party you side with. It doesn’t matter what your personal views are. Honestly it just doesn’t matter because we live in a very crazy, messed up and divided world filled with lots of anger and hate.

It’s easy to be anxious about lots of things in life. It’s easy to second guess yourself. It’s easy to doubt your plans and at times it is even easy to doubt God’s plan. Things don’t always make sense. Situations arise and sometimes I find myself thinking….is this really your plan God? Is this supposed to be happening? How could this be a part of your plan?

Thankfully, we don’t have to understand everything. Sometimes we don’t even have to understand anything. We just have to trust in a God who is bigger than all circumstances. He has everything under control. He has a plan that surpasses all of our plans, goes beyond our understandings and His plans are always so much better than ours.

When worry sneaks into your life and fear starts to take control remember Philippians 4:4-9. Do not be anxious about anything. Be steadfast in prayer. Remember all the blessings that God has provided you with and thank Him for those. Only then will you find the peace that only God can provide.

In this life the storms will come and sometimes the darkness tries to creep in, but don’t let fear define you. Let your prayer life and faith be your defining points! Trust, obey, praise, expect and never forget that God is standing right beside you through it all. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

What's molding you?

Have you ever really studied a painting? Have you ever thought about the process of how the masterpiece painting was created? Did it come out exactly like the artist had planned?

Life is a process that we all go through. It molds you. Experiences and places shape you. Are you different now than you once were? Has life hardened you? Do you ever look back on the ways you used to be and see where you changed?

Just like in a painting life has a way of blurring lines together. Colors that were so vibrant and clear on their own become blended together. Sometimes that blending just happens on the edges, but sometimes the blending can go so much deeper. Things that once stood so prominent and clear become faded.

Think about your viewpoints. Think about your goals. Think about your lifestyle. Think about who you are as a person. What do they look like now? What did they look like in the past? What do you think they should actually look like?

As you get older and more mature your way of thinking changes. As you experience things your thoughts on that matter changes. You have deeper conversation with people and you give them the ability to influence you. As life happens you adapt as needed. It seems totally natural. It seems as though it would be harmless, but is it?

Take a look at Romans 12: 1-2…Don’t become so adjusted in your culture that you fit in without thinking.

Are you just adapting to your surroundings or are you blending into the culture around you? When people look at you can they tell you are different or does your life look exactly like everyone else’s? Have you maybe adjusted to this life too easily?

Maybe it’s time for you to give back your everyday life to God! Let Him work on you from the inside out. Commit more time to Him, to His word, and His people. Let Him carry you. Let Him fully direct your path. Let Him mold and shape you. Let Him set you apart. Let His word resonate in your heart!

Canvases that were once boring and white become completely unrecognizable. Which artist are you going to let create your masterpiece….the world or Your God?

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Be the Game Changer

Be Kind. The smallest of gestures can make the greatest impact. Simple things you do have the ability to change atmospheres, to create new opportunities, and one by one can change the world. Little things that you think won’t make a difference can impact someone’s life in ways that you never imagined. They may be remembered weeks, days, months and years after they were done.

Sometimes you won’t hear the “thank you” that you think you deserve. Sometimes you won’t even get to see the response that you desire. Sometimes you may think that your effort and time was in vain, but I promise you it wasn’t. Kindness and love does not go unnoticed. Sometimes it just takes time to penetrate through the barriers that life has created.

Don’t give up. Don’t stop being light in the darkness. Don’t stop being the change that the world needs. Don’t stop because you don’t see what you expected to see. Masterpieces don’t happen over night. Beautiful paintings take time.

God has a plan for me, for you and for the crazy world that we live in. He sees your hurt. He sees your pain. He hears your cries. He hears your pleas and He knows your heart. Just because things aren’t going exactly as you planned or you don’t see what you thought you would see doesn’t mean that you should give up.

Maybe you need to push a little harder. Maybe you need to focus on your primary calling. Be the change the world needs. It’s time for you to shine brighter as you let God work through you. There are so many broken, hurting, confused, and lost people all around you. It’s time you take off your blinders. It’s time you start looking at people with God’s eyes. It’s time for you to get back to the basics. Stop focusing on the future. Focus on the now, the people God placed in your life, and in the location that God has placed you in.

You can’t expect the world to be a better place if you aren’t willing to pull up your sleeves and start working to make a difference. You can’t say one thing and do another thing because that is called hypocrisy. If you think the world needs more love then start sharing it. If you think the world needs more kindness be kind. Be the friend that you seek. Be the welcoming one. Be loving. Be Brave. Be strong. Be bold. Embrace others. Support people. Guide others and whenever you get the opportunity share the gospel because there is nothing that provides hope like Jesus does.