Thursday, April 27, 2017

How bright is your light?

Is your life drawing people nearer to God, sending people away from God, or not impacting people at all?

Your life should be a lighthouse to the lost. Your life should be a beacon of hope in the dark. Your life should inspire people in ways you never imagined.

Don't let doubt paralyze you! Don't let self pity destroy your testimony! Don't let the enemy still your joy!

If you claim your encounter with Jesus is life changing. If you say Jesus is the answer to the world and that he lives inside of you but you aren't different than others then why would anyone want what you have. If you continue to cry out or look miserable then no one wants to be like you.

If you have joy that surpasses all understanding. If you have peace that is un-explainable. If you love beyond measure and have a hope that restores then people will see you. Then people will want to be like you and then you can draw people to Christ.

Let your life speak louder. In times when you fail you need to pray and seek God harder. Don't settle for the mundane. Don't be stagnant. Be alive. Seek God more. Be mindful of your moods, of your actions and of your life story. There's a lost world waiting for you. Help them crawl out of the darkness and into God's glorious light!