Monday, March 6, 2017

What does your life say?

People like testimonies. Some people love to tell their story to show how they've overcome, to show how they've grown, to show how awesome God is and to show how all things are possible. These testimonies can be faith based, financial, strength and even physically based like workouts or weight loss. Most all testimonies are inspirational that provoke a feeling of excitement and possibility. 

Most testimonies are based on large scale accomplishments, but what about your daily life? Everyday, every task, every emotion, and every moment has the ability to impact people. 

Maybe you don't want to admit it, but everyday people judge you and every day you judge people. Situations happen and you think I wouldn't have done that or I wouldn't have said that. Those same things are said about you. Your everyday actions have an influence on how non-believers percieve Christians. Your everyday actions can lead people or turn them away. 

When you say you're a Christian, but mope around without joy you tell the world Christianity is depressing. When you say all things are possible with God, but you question His plan you tell people that God's not in control and His ways stink. When you talk about having faith that can move mountains, but show fear you tell the world that faith isn't enough. When you talk about being Christ like, but can't control your temper or your gossip you tell the world Christians are hypocrites. 

Your actions need to align with what you say. Your thoughts need to be aligned with God's thoughts. Be careful that you aren't leading people astray. Be especially on guard about your own hypocrisy. 

Evaluate yourself, your goals, your heart, and your everyday interactions...what do they speak? Do they align with what you believe and say?

Don't lose your focus. Don't lose yourself. Don't let your daily testimonies discredit you or God. Mistakes happen, but they shouldn't be repetitive. Pray harder. Seek guidance. Ask for forgiveness. Admit your shortcomings.  Allow God to work in and through you in all areas of your life. Don't try to reign Supreme in certain areas of your own life. Surrender, trust and believe in the God who never fails!