Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Check your attitude!

Watch your attitude. How do you feel when someone gets a blessing that you’ve be asking for? How do you feel when someone gets a healing, but you are still waiting? How to you react when you seem to continually pray without an answer, but other’s seem to be getting the answers to their prayers?

Do not have a poor me attitude. Don’t start to question God’s faithfulness. Do not be jealous. Have a spirit of joy and thankfulness. Praise God for His faithfulness in that other person’s life. Let that answered prayer be a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Don’t let unanswered prayers define who you are. Don’t let unanswered prayers limit your faith. Let it be a time of thankfulness for what God does in others. Focus on all the amazing things God has done for you. Let all things be a reminder that God does keep His promise not just in Biblical times, but always. Focus on His timing and not yours. 

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