Friday, August 3, 2012

Las Vegas

On our drive from St. Louis to central California we decided to stop in Vegas for the night. We aren't really Vegas kinda of people, but we thought we should experience it just once and there is a KOA near Circus Circus for us to park the camper. Our time was so limited we couldn't catch any shows so we ate  dinner at the Palms and walked the strip. I think walking the strip at night takes a little mental preparation. I was definitely not prepared for the masses of people handing out cards for call girls that eventually covered the sidewalks. We were out until 3am or later. We saw teenagers assisting their drunk parents back to the hotel. We saw babies strapped to mother's chests. We saw toddlers on leashes lagging behind their parents clearly exhausted and the parents unaware. At one point I told my husband I think I could steal that child and the parents wouldn't even notice. I went to bed feeling depressed, but surprisingly the strip is completely different in the day time. If we ever go back I will avoid walking so late and catch some shows. With that one of our favorite places in Las Vegas was the Bellagio Hotel Fountain. We stood and watched the dancing fountain for almost 30 minutes.

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