Sunday, June 23, 2013

6.5 weeks postop

My husband and I made the trip back to San Diego on Wednesday, post op day 42. Due to some traveling situations I had scheduled to see Dr. Goldstein at 6 weeks and 1 day. We had a later flight so we spent the last day doing some of our favorite things in St. Louis - the Zoo in Forest Park and eating at Zia’s on The Hill (the Italian district). I was able to walk without any problems for over 3 hours at the zoo. I managed most of the day without needing my donut pillow, but used it at the airport and on the flights just in case. My pain was a solid 0-1 until I got searched a little too aggressively at the airport, and it increased to a 2.

On Thursday I saw Dr. Goldstein and the nurse practitioner. They still seemed to be impressed with how well I am doing. All of my external stitches were gone and there were no signs of cysts! Dr G said the internal stitches should dissolve around 8 weeks so he’d like me to stay off work at least until then. Honestly, I’m not in a rush because I’d rather not mess anything up. Plus it’s kind of nice being lazy. While we were at the office we discussed plans for physical therapy. I hadn’t planned on doing anything until the three month mark, but Dr. Goldstein said that some people have been having good luck starting early with skin rolling and other manipulation through the rectum. He said that the physical therapist can do a lot of the same things through either entrance. He recommended that I talked with Debbie the physical therapist to see what her thoughts were. I saw Debbie that afternoon for a PT appointment. I think the plan is to work on some pelvic floor stuff as well as getting me ready to go back to work. I’m not really concerned about being strong enough to go back to work.  I’ve actually been on my feet 8+ hour for the last 4 days and have been fine. Although my pain increased to a 2, I expected it to go up a little bit. I haven’t been using any ice or heat in about a week, and I haven’t taken the Vistaril since we returned to San Diego. I only use my donut pillow if I’m sitting very upright like in a kitchen or office chair. The plan is to continue with my boring (but apparently great) recovery!

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