Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Post Op Day 28

Things seem to be going pretty well. I spent another weekend surrounded by my nieces, nephews and siblings trying to interact without hurting myself. On Monday I went to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and was able to sit comfortably in the bleachers section on my donut pillow for the whole game (which we won, of course). I can sit without my pillow as long as I’m not sitting perfectly up right because of pressure from my ice pack. There were a few stairs to climb at the stadium, but I took it slow not caring if I held up the line behind me.

My pain is still well under control – something like a 1-2 out of 10. I haven’t taken any pain medications the last few days—not even Ibuprofen. I take a vistaril and use a heated rice pack at bedtime. The heat pack does feel nice, but I think it just keeps me warm more than anything. The itching is still annoying so I have continued to use ice most of the day instead of the Vistaril since it makes me so sleepy. I've still been taking 2 baths a day for 90 minutes each time. I’ll do anything I can to help speed up those stitches coming out! My muscles are pretty achy from inactivity and laying around. I've been walking 3-4 times a day for 30-45 minutes and walking around the house every hour or so.

I called yesterday to schedule my six week appointment at SDSM. It’s hard to believe I’ll be seeing them in two weeks. I’m actually surprised at how fast this recovery has been going by.

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