Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 month post op

Hooray, it’s been 3 months! The past few weeks were pretty busy; my husband and I are still getting adjusted to our new temporary home and trying to get back on a schedule. I’ve been back to work for about 2.5 weeks now, with a crazy schedule of 5 twelve hour shifts in a row leading up to this final check up appointment…talk about easing back into work. Surprisingly I felt OK and not abnormally tired. I’ve remained pain free for over a month now. Occasionally I feel some light pressure when I sit on hard surfaces, but it doesn’t hurt.

My husband and I ventured back to San Diego for the 3 month check up. I had an appointment with Debbie (the PT) for my first session with internal work. For the first time in years penetration of any kind was not painful! I will start seeing a therapist in our area, but wanted to start with an SDSM specialist first. After PT I headed over to the exam room to see Catherine and Dr. G. They still can’t believe how great my recovery has been. I know that I am truly blessed. They completed a vulvoscopy and said that everything looked great. Unless something unexpected happens I won’t have to make any more trips down to the office anymore. I just have to send Dr G pictures every month and keep in touch by email for any questions or concerns. It’s kind of sad thinking about not seeing the SDSM team anymore considering I’ve been going at least a couple of times a year since November of 2011 (although my bank account may be happier). We really tried everything to avoid surgery if at all possible and thankfully Dr Goldstein was never pushy. He really is such a fantastic doctor!

Dr Goldstein also told me that I can start doing whatever exercise I want. I still can’t believe that I’m excited to start running. I guess we’ll see how I feel about it in a few days. Up until this year I’ve always hated running. I’m definitely stoked to get back to some real hiking and biking. We already have a short camping and hiking trip scheduled for next week in the Santa Monica Mountains.

My husband and I decided that we wanted to celebrate the three month milestone. There’s so much that can happen during this time physically, emotionally and mentally for everyone involved. Not to mention we wanted to celebrate the great news we received at SDSM. After my appointments we just spent the day focusing on each other and the ability to show intimacy. We topped the day off with dinner, chocolate truffles and sparkling grape juice. Here’s to the next chapter in this journey. Bring on the pelvic physical therapy!

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