Thursday, September 19, 2013

Colorful CO

In 2010 my husband and I made the trek from St. Louis to central California for a work contract. This was our first long trip together and our first time pulling our fifth wheel more than 2 hours. We survived the long and boring drive through Kansas and entered into Colorado. It didn't take too long for the scenery to change. We made a side trip to Colorado Springs for a little bit of exploring per a friends suggestion. Unfortunately Pike's Peak was closed for the day because of an accident, but we were able to stop at Garden of the Gods. This trip was also the first time we'd relied on Google maps for our GPS directions. I learned a few things on this adventure...I'm not good at directions, if you put in a city name Google maps will take you the city center and it has no idea you are towing a 32 foot trailer behind you. Needless to say my husband was not at all impressed when I led him to downtown Colorado Springs and then some back way to Garden of the Gods, but we eventually arrived safe and sound with our camper in one piece. When we arrived at Garden of the Gods we ditched the camper in the parking lot to explore for a few hours. Thankfully, no one stole our "home!" My direction skills weren't any better when we left and I led us into a fancy subdivision. We had a black bear run in front of us into someone's back yard, which thankfully distracted my husband enough that he didn't kill me :)

We found our way back to the interstate and relative smooth sailing until we hit the the mountains outside of Denver. The grades are steep, semi's were swerving all over the place, cars were flying by, and there are frequent runaway truck ramps. I think I prayed and took 1000 pictures until the sun went down and I could no longer see exactly what we were in for. However, even in the dark it seemed beautiful with the mountains and rivers. We plan to go back someday to explore a little more.

Natural stairs at Garden of the Gods 

Fun rock formations at Garden of the Gods

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