Friday, May 10, 2013

Post Op Day 1

It’s the first day of post-op recovery and I actually feel fantastic. I have hardly any pain thanks to the Exparel they gave me. I’m a little nervous about what the pain will be like when the medicine does wear off. I know it’s coming… I’ve also been trying to fit in 4 sitz baths in and slowly walk a bit, but I need to figure out a routine. Dr. Goldstein and his staff have contacted me multiple times today just to check in. I can’t say enough positive things about their follow up and bedside manner. I’ve worked with numerous medical staff, and this is far from the normal experience.

Things to consider after surgery:

  • Complete Pelvic rest for 3 months
  • No exercise for 3 months other than walking
  • Avoid stimulating situations – Arousal can cause problems such as Skenes or Bartholin’s cysts
  • If flying call the airline ahead of time to set up a wheelchair pickup

Surviving a Full Liquid Diet – Things you can have:

  • 6-8 glasses of liquid per day: juice, water, milk, carbonated beverages, coffee, tea, or gatorade
  • Soups – cheese, tomato, pureed potato, etc
  • Broth
  • Yogurt – Greek vanilla is great and has extra protein
  • Jello
  • Oatmeal
  • Ice Cream and milkshakes
  • Honey, Jelly, or Syrup
  • Liquid meal replacements – carnation instant breakfast, slim fast, ensure, etc
  • Blended fruit smoothies

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