Friday, May 10, 2013

Surgery and Preparation

We arrived in San Diego on May 5th to prepare for the surgery. On the 7th we had all of our pre-op appointments at the hospital and with Dr. Goldstein’s team. This involved another Q-tip test. I wasn’t really worried about the surgery. I mean, I didn’t want to have surgery, but it was the only option left. It also probably helps that I work in a hospital and am familiar with the OR.

Things to gather before the Vestibulectomy:

  • Sitz Bath – a small tub which will allow your sensitive parts to be submerged
  • Soft Ice packs
  • Mesh panies
  • Maxi pads
  • Donut pillow – an inflatable child’s inner tube is a cheap alternative
  • Comfortable clothes – tight fit clothes will not feel good
  • Ted hose or thigh high support hose – keeps you warm and your blood flowing during inactivity
  • Squirt bottle (Peri-bottle) – Spraying water while you pee will relieve pain & keep you clean
  • Fleet Enemas – In case you haven’t had a bowel movement after a few days
  • Miralax – To keep your stools softer while on pain meds
  • Chewable Fiber – Might help since you aren’t eating normally
  • Lots of entertainment – TV, movies, books, crafts
  • Meal Plans – you will be on a full liquid diet until your first bowel movement

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