Saturday, May 11, 2013

Post op day 2 and 3

Post op Day 2

I’m still trying to get a schedule down for walking and baths, but otherwise I feel great. My pain is still minimal which I assume will change as the exparel wears off. I know it’s coming, but I just don’t know when. I am passing lots of gas, but I still haven’t had a bowel movement and it has been over 3 days. Dr G recommended that I listen to my bowel sounds to see if I need to medically intervene. I’ve been taking Miralax twice a day…I know I know the bottle says once a day, but one of the docs that I work with said it’s totally fine to take it twice a day for a short period of time. Plus, I’ve been walking, drinking fruit smoothies, made a large glass of fresh grape juice and am taking fiber tablets. My bowel sounds were pretty sluggish so I opted to do the Fleet’s enema. I’ve given to it patients, but something about having it myself was not pleasant. Dr Goldstein was right of course…it’s really the only thing that works at this stage.                

Post op Day 3

Well it’s been over 72 hours since I got the Exparel so it should be worn off by now. Surprisingly my pain is still pretty good at 3-4 out of 10. I’ve gotten my routine down mostly with waking, eating a light meal, bathing, and repeating. Today I even found time to sit outside in my lawn chair and soak up some wonderful San Diego sunshine. I’ve just been taking 800mg Ibuprofen every 8 hours for my pain. I only want to use the Percocet if I need it. I use the peri-bottle after I pee each time just to keep things clean and then of course pat dry. Throughout the day I rotate between an ice pack and a heat pack for pain relief. I really like the heat at night since I use a rice sock it stays warm for a long time while I’m asleep. I usually wake up around 6am with pain 4 out of 10. I grab an ice pack take 800mg of Ibuprofen and head back to sleep. My ambien is still sitting on the counter untouched. I’ve found that sleeping on my side with a pillow between my knees is the least painful. I’m still taking miralax once a day and eating a fruit smoothie to help prevent constipation. I’m slowly advancing to a regular diet. Here’s to hoping things continue. All I can say is God is good and has things under control.

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  1. You are an amazing woman. I will continue to pray for your recovery and I will be here if you need me. I hope that this blog will help others. God bless you.