Thursday, January 5, 2017

Be a blessing

December 30, 2016

Be thankful for families and communities that instilled the spirit of loving and caring for your neighbors. They taught you to provide for others needs…to step up not just in the  hard times, but in the happy times. To bless others in anyway you can. Pray for people in times of need, prepare meals for busy families, lend a hand to weary parent(s) who need a break, help others carry their burdens. Don't judge others for their shortcomings. Help them to come out of the darkness, to escape from the gutters. Sometimes people suffer in silence, sometimes people suffer in the limelight, sometimes people cope in inappropriate ways. They don't necessarily know the way they should cope, they are doing the best they can in desperate situations. In those situations it's not the time to point out their failures.

In those times they need you to come along side them, to support them, to love them and to prop them up on their leaning side, to keep them from falling into desperation, despair or darkness. Wherever people are in their life they can anyways use a little light, a little love and a little joy. People can always use an extra smile or a lightened load. Do what you can, share when you can, love when you can and be a blessing anytime you can. Maybe you don't have money for food, maybe you don't have the extra time at that particular moment, maybe you only have a second, maybe you only have a very small portion, maybe you only have a hug or a word of encouragement use it, don't waste it. Take advantage of any opportunity you are given. God can use the smallest of things to make a big difference so don't think I don't have enough or that you can't do enough. Just do your best and let God do the rest. People will notice and lives can be impacted if you'll only do your part.

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