Friday, January 13, 2017

Gifts..what's your reaction?

January 11, 2017

Have you ever given someone a gift and didn’t quite get the reaction you expected. Maybe you gave someone a gift that you weren’t sure they would like and they in turn absolutely loved it. What a wonderful and surprising feeling that is. Then again have you ever given someone a present expecting that they would like it, but in turn they didn’t give you the reaction that you expected? Sometimes that happens and it stings a little bit. There is a level of disappointment for everyone that you weren’t quite expecting.

How many times do I do that to God? How many times am I ungrateful for the things He has provided both big and small? How many times do I take a gift from God for granted? How many times do I look at something God has given me and not seen the value? Honestly, how many times have I must have disappointed God with my reactions to His presents.

Many times I have heard people talk about the gift of salvation that God provides to everyone, but so often it sits on the shelf up-opened. That is an atrocity for sure, but I’m not the perfect gift acceptor either. Maybe you’ve accepted that gift of salvation, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only gift worth accepting. God overwhelms us daily with gifts, but how do we respond?

Maybe we all need to work a little bit on gratitude. Maybe we all need to open our eyes a little more so we can see the real gifts and blessings that God has provided to us. Think about yourself and what God has revealed to you. Think about how God teaches you things. Sometimes life experiences both happy and hurtful can be just what you need to see things clearly and to grow. Sometimes it’s only in those experiences that God can reach you. Sometimes it’s the only way that you can see things and sometimes you don’t even realize that it was God trying to show you.

Be grateful. Be thankful. Realize that regardless of where you are in life God isn’t through with you yet. Remember that He is continually working on you.  Don’t forget to look for the silver linings in life and don’t take your blessings from God granted. He’s the best gift giver in the world so be sure He sees the delightful, grateful reaction that He deserves. He doesn’t give bad gifts we just sometimes have the wrong eyes to the see the perfection of the gift He gave. 

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