Monday, January 9, 2017

How do people see you?

January 9, 2017

You think you are perfect, but you aren’t. You think that people don’t deserve forgiveness, but somehow you do. You think that people have messed up so bad and aren’t worthy of you or your time. But you know what you mess up a lot. You do things all the time that aren’t right. You ask for forgiveness from God a lot or at least you should.

What if He had that attitude with you? What if He said you don’t deserve His grace, forgiveness, mercy or love? He’d be right we (I) don’t, but He gives it to us anyway. When we mess up He doesn’t tell us we are undeserving or tell us that He doesn’t love us anymore. He could, but He doesn’t. He tells us it’s okay, you’re my Child and I love you. He helps us back on our feet when we fall. He carries us when we can’t walk anymore. He dusts us off. He builds us up and when we were drowning He saved us even though He didn’t have to.

That’s what we should do. That’s how we should be. That’s how we need to respond. We need to be Christ like. We need to be different and set apart. We don’t need to blend into our society. We need people to see what it means to be a real Christian. We as people have really messed up. We have become to engrained in society. We’ve become too dim of lights. No one wants to be like you if you seem the same as everyone else. No one wants to be a Christian if we seem like we know it all. Many people don’t see the point in being a Christian because they only see a group of people going around judging others or being hypocritical. Can you blame them? We need to re-define ourselves. We need to let people understand that we aren’t perfect, we mess up, and without God we would be lost and desperate.

Yes people need to change and need God, but yelling at them from the street corner won’t do it. Pointing out their sins won’t do it. We have to build relationships. We have to love people and hate their sin. We have to let them know that we are ALL sinners. They need to understand that we ALL need God’s grace, mercy and love all the time. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been a Christian we still don’t have it all together and we are still works in progress.  

Only one man came to this earth that was perfect and His name was Jesus. He loved people. He let people know when they were doing things wrong, but He did it in the right manner. So in this crazy, dark world just be the Light. Follow Jesus’ example. That’s all we need and that’s all the world really needs….a whole lot more Jesus, which can change a whole lot of hearts, minds, families, communities, countries and the world. We’ve always known He’s the answer. We understand that is why He came so long ago and that’s why He died…to save His people and the world. Most people will say they love Jesus, but they hate His church. That needs to change, but it will only change if we change the way people see us, the true followers of Christ. 

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