Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Miracle

December 25th, 2016

Today (and everyday) I'm thankful for my Savior, Jesus. He left his throne willing to live a humble life and to experience what his people experience. He was tempted, I'm sure at times he felt slightly defeated and didn't necessarily like the plan. He said not my will father but yours. He set the ultimate standard of how to do life, how to live, how to grow, how to be disgraced, how to live sacrificially, and how to always follow God's plan no matter what it is. He suffered beyond anything anyone can fathom. He was beaten, He was bruised, He was scorned, He was mocked and He was tortured, but He overcame. He rose again. He saved not only a generation, but the world. Not only one kind of person, but everyone. He loves beyond measure. He gives beyond understanding. He sacrificed in a way that only He could.

He gave it all for me, for you...let it sink in. FOR YOU! So you can live life, so you can be forgiven, for you to truly live, for you to show love, for you to show forgiveness, for you to show grace, for you to share joy, for you to carry on God's plan, for you to be Christ like, for you to move mountains, for you to show love in the best way possible through the only way possible. For you to be an example, a different person, a person like know other, someone people can't understand, someone people will know is different just by walking in the room, someone to change the world, someone to carry out his mission, someone to live with no limits, someone to end hunger, someone to drive out evil spirits, someone to pray without ceasing and someone to give sacrificially. Will you do it? Will you follow His call? Will you live in a new way, at a new time and place? Will you serve even while you are waiting? Will you give even if it hurts? Will you move when He tells you to move? Will you guide the way He guides you? Will you give your time, your energy and your effort? Will you love beyond everything or will you back out? Will you cry it's not fair, this isn't what I wanted, this isn't what I planned, this wasn't supposed to hurt, this wasn't supposed to be so hard, this wasn't the way the world was supposed to be. This was supposed to be easy. I'm a Christian I'm supposed to be blessed, I'm supposed to live large. I'm supposed to be known. I'm supposed to be rich.

I AM supposed to be blessed beyond measure, but only the way that God measures and not the way the world measures. I'm supposed to be Christ like in the dark world. I'm supposed to be the light on a hill. I'm supposed to be the light in the dark and the salt to the earth. But if you aren't What's your excuse? What are you waiting on? What's your problem? What's your situation that's so much important. Isn't God your everything? Isn't He why you wake up in the morning? Isn't He why you are able to sleep at night. I thought He was your all and all. I thought he was the alpha and omega, the beginning, the end, the creator of the world, the cure for the world. What could you possibly have that's more important than Him, than His call, than His plan, than his teachings, than his goals, than his people, than his teachers, than his singing, than His praising and than His life that ultimately ended on the cross for you? Was it worth it? We're you worth it? He sure thinks so and maybe you should to.

Just think about it. Just try it. Start small and grow big. Just do what He says when he says to do it. It's really not that hard and He will surprise you. He will bless you and not just because you deserve it, but because He wants to because He knows you're worth it. You are His child and He loves you. He cares for you. He wants only the best for you and the best for you is what He has in mind. Trust Him He'll guide you. He'll protect you. He'll carry you when you can't move, can't speak, can't cry or can't pray. Your groans are sometimes enough. Your mumbling is sometimes all He really needs. He knows you. He knows the hairs on your head. You really think He doesn’t know what you need if you don't ask for it. That's funny! He's got you. He had you before you were born. He'll have you know and when you die. You just have to believe in Him, trust Him and give your life to Him. He has the playbook, He knows your future, your mistakes and your should haves. Why wouldn't you trust Him? Why wouldn't you believe?

You may think you know better but you really don't. He laughs at your thoughts, at your understandings, at you I got this attitude. He knows you don't have it under control, but He does. Sometimes He lets you in, let's you think you're in charge if only for you to know your dependence, that you need Him. That you can't live without Him and that in the end His life was all that really mattered. His birth was just the start. His birthday was just a snack party. The real party is coming. The real party is truly out of this world. The real party can't be measured and the real party is invite only. Will you get invited? Will you join the celebration? That's up to you. It depends on what you believe. It depends on who you think is the King. It definitely isn't the president of the US, some fancy celebrity or even your beloved sports player. It's Jesus. It's the King of the world the one who died for you and the one who fights for you. It's the one who sacrificed. The one who loves you. The one who wants you and the one who loves you even in your darkest hour because He can make everything light, everything pure and everything hopeful, but do you really believe all that or just part, because part isn't enough. Part of your heart isn't enough. Part of your life isn't enough and part of your home isn't enough. He wants it all, needs it all and seeks it all. When He knocks how do you respond… with open arms or half folded arms. The answer is up to you. The answer depends on your heart and mind. He doesn't need you, but he sure wants you. Quit fighting. Give in. He'll win in the end just like He defeated the devil. Quit prolonging, quit making excuses. He’s heard it all. Seen it all and lived it all. You aren't fooling anyone, but yourself and that's a dangerous game. So give in. Give up. Move on and trust in a way you may not understand. He's got you in the palm of his hand and that is surely enough!

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