Friday, January 13, 2017

Snowman Popcorn Gift

I found the idea for this of course on Pinterest, which led me to I heart naptime Blog. I thought it would be a perfect companion for a DVD gift set. It would also work nicely as a way to spread holiday cheer without much cost.

When I was reading through the comments on the I heart naptime blog there were quite a few people asking for dimensions. I never saw anything posted so I cannot say what dimensions were used in the original post, but I can tell you how I attempted to re-create it myself.

I used whatever items I found in my craft pile....
-  For the sleeve itself I cut regular computer paper down to 6 x 11.5 inches and just folded it around
   the popcorn. I taped my starting edge to the popcorn so it wouldn't fall out of the sleeve. The
   only problem with that is the snowman pretty much gets destroyed getting the popcorn out.
-  The main portion of the hat is a 3.5inch square from black cardstock. I used the george cartridge on
      my Cricut.
-  The hat brim is 6 x1 inches. I have the original cricut with the 6 in mat. I just cut the cardstock that       I had left on my cricut mat (from the hats) in half.
-  I used small black rhinestones for the eyes.
-  For the nose I started with a 2in diamond I cut using the george cricut cartridge. Then I cut the
     diamond in half. My husband said it was too symmetrical so I just cut a little more off.
- I drew the mouth on with a sharpie.
- I used 2 of the smallest buttons I had on the bottom and random buttons on the hat
- Then use any ribbon of your choice for the scarf.
- I did not attempt the rosy cheeks

I really love the original, but think mine came out okay too.

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