Thursday, January 5, 2017

Change your glasses. You need a new lenses

December 29, 2016

Be thankful for things. Of course having too much stuff can be overwhelming and actually cause more stress than happiness, but be thankful for what you have been given. God has blessed you beyond measure. Don’t focus on how many bags you checked after having Christmas with your family, the shopping you did on your own or the amount of clothes you own. Don’t think about the extra money it will cost you, the task of putting it all away or finding a place to store things. You have everything that you need and pretty much everything that you want. You live in a blessed country that is rich with wealth.

Some places people have to worry about what food they have for dinner or if they will have anything for dinner at all. Have you ever had to worry about that? Chances are slim. Some people have to worry about if they can afford to go to the doctor even when they are knocking at death’s door. What about that a concern for you? For most it’s not. Even if you don’t have the money right away you can put it on a credit card, take out a loan, work some overtime and call it a day. I mean it’s not ideal, but it’s an option. You don’t have to consider actually dying instead of calling for help. We pick up our home phone, smart phone or newest app when we need help. We don’t have to call the local doctor in the community and hope they have the time, the experience, the knowledge or supplies to take care of us. If they don’t feel prepared they can transfer you to a higher level of care, send you to another town, send you to the experts, but they don’t leave you lying in a bed to die just because of your finances. This is America. This is the place that has EMTALA laws, the place that requires ERs to treat you regardless of how you can pay. So next time you think about how bad you have it, how little money you have try to think of the people that are so much worse of than you, so much worse off than majority of our country.

Think of the people who don’t have homes, don’t have clothes, don’t have shoes, water, food let alone the basic necessities that our country considers. You don’t need Cable, you want it. You don’t need the internet you want it. You don’t need the latest and greatest technology you want it. Get your priorities straight. Get your mind straight. Will you really die without it or just whine without it. Will you really have such a terrible day without it or just a day outside of your comfort zone? Sometimes all it takes is a look at others, a look at those that really are having a bad day, a tough life, a bad break to realize that even in your worst imaginable situation you probably don’t have it so bad. You probably don’t have it as hard as you think. You probably don’t have it any worse than most people. You just have been looking at your life through the wrong lenses. Looking at your life through the pity eye. Looking at your life through the woe as me glasses.

You need to look at your life through the I am blessed lenses. The I have been provided everything I need to survive mentality. The I am a son or daughter of the king glasses. The I am more than a conqueror glasses and the Satan doesn’t have control over my life attitude. When you start to get your life aligned with God’s perspectives change, attitudes changes, lives change, families change, cities change, countries change and ultimately the world changes. Stop with the pity party. Stop with the poor me, I missed my blessing, I missed my opportunity. I missed my ___. It’s not that bad. Life’s not that bad and at the end of the day most of us will climb into our comfy, warm bed, with our clean sheets, and toasty toes. We’ll wake up in the morning begrudgingly to the sound of an alarm clock, but we woke up. We were given another day. We were given an opportunity to make a difference. That may have come earlier than you may have liked, but it came. It was gift given to us.

A gift from our heavenly father saying I’m not done with you. I still have plan for you. I still have a task that you need to complete. I still have a hope for you. I still have joy that will be placed in your heart. You still have a song to sing. You still have a word to give. You still have a moment to share. You might have some tears to share in a tough situation. You might have to hold someone and tell them it’s all going to be okay even though you may not fully know that. You might have to hold someone’s hand that is enduring what they really believe is the worst day of their life, but chances are it’s not. Regardless of what we go through joy will still come in the morning. God still loves us even in our messes and God still reigns in control. So shape up. Climb out of your pity party slumber. Get rid of your I can’t cut a break in life attitude. Eliminate the I just can’t do this anymore mantra and rise up. Take whatever cross it is that you are carrying and move on down the road. Take your broken, beaten up self and dust yourself off because God’s not finished with you and you shouldn’t be either!

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