Thursday, January 5, 2017

New beginnings, new opportunities, and a new light to shine

January 1, 2017

Be thankful for new beginnings. Be thankful for doors that have been closed. Be thankful for opportunities that you are given and for a God who changes those opportunities. God orchestrates your life. He knows your heart. He knows what you want. He knows your desires and your dreams. He knows all things and all situations. He knows what you need and when you need it so when He shuts a door leave it where it belongs… in the past. Don't try to pry it back open. Don't try to look through the crack at the things that were. Don't focus on the was. You need to focus on the is. Focus on the doors God has opened for you now. Focus on the opportunities He has given you now. Focus on the new beginnings, new friends, new years, new love, new desires, new hopes, new dreams and new times.

The start of a new calendar year is a perfect time for change, for resolutions, for striving to be better, but you need to make sure that those goals line up with God. Make sure that those dreams are what God would want, that your motives are right, that your intentions are good and that your heart is in the right place. Even the best of plans are imperfect in God's eyes. Even your best isn't always enough to break bad habits, to stop bad decisions or to change situations. Rely on God. Pray harder. Seek His will for your life and not yours.

Today the first day of the new year and everyday of your life focus on new chapters, blank pages and living your life as God wants you too. You don't need a new year to start the process, but it sure doesn't hurt. Focus on making this the best year of your life thus far. Make it a year of more love, more service, more giving and more sacrificing. Make it a year that's less of you and more of God, less of you and more for God's people, for God's heart. Be His hands and feet in a broken and dark world. Be His light that shines brighter than it ever has. Be His voice that speaks out more than you think you can. Share more, love more and give more of yourself, your time and your gifts for a world that needs you and for people that desperately need it. You are a light in the world that needs to shine please don't hide it in a box, but let in shine with high intensity. Let it be a beacon of hope for others.

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