Thursday, January 5, 2017

Be the Change This World Needs

December 28, 2016

Be thankful for technology, for the engineers that created it, the crazy people that gave their life for it and for the people that invested in it and perfected it. Some people gave their lives so you can jump on a plane to fly home to quickly see your family. Some people give up their family time on days that you are using to see yours. Maybe they need the money, maybe they need the job security, maybe they don't want to be at home or maybe they don't have a choice at all in the matter.

When you fly you have a choice, you have a voice and you can impact someone's day in a positive or negative way. Don't just think of it as a means of quick transportation, but as a way to bless people. It's not an easy job to have. Planes get delayed, people get cranky, attitudes and emotions can run wild, no paycheck is worth all that but it is a necessary means in this day. So when you do fly as often or as little as you do remember to be thankful, to be friendly, to be gracious even when they mess up, when delays happen, bags are lost, things are missing and you are in a hurry. Remember it's not their fault, they didn't cause the situation, they are there to do their job just like you do. You don't want people yelling at you, speaking proactive words to you, taking the situation and blaming you so don't do it to others. Show love, gratitude, understanding and patience. You don't know what they are going through, you don't know how their job works and you probably couldn't keep track of everything in the airport either. So don't think you could do it better or that you have a better system. They have people that sit in rooms to figure out the problem and the lower level people you deal with don't want or need to hear your suggestions. They need to see a smile, to hear a thank you, to hear an it's okay I know it's not your fault, but I appreciate what you're doing to help me.

In a world filled with hate and anger strive to be the difference not just at the airport, but in life. It's not just because you should, but because the world needs it, people need it, strangers need it and your heart needs it. Be kind, be loving, be patient, be gracious and be the change the world really needs. Start a movement. Waves start small and grow quickly before they come to shore so can your attitude…it can be infectious so choose the right one to share!

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