Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Be present.

January 10, 2017

It's interesting how you don't realize how much you talk to someone until you can't talk to them. It's funny how you don't always miss people or things until they are gone. It's sad that so often we just take people, time, things, and experiences for granted until they are gone.

You hadn't worn a shirt in years, but once you got rid of it you found yourself wanting to wear it. You never took the time to see a certain family member or friend, but once the opportunity to see them was gone you became devastated. Maybe you took time for granted and you got a bad medical diagnosis or in general realized just how incredibly fast time goes by. You took the opportunity to go to the beach, climb a mountain, enjoy a scenic drive, watch the birds, or____ for granted thinking you could always do that but for whatever reason that opportunity was gone.

Unfortunately that seems to be how our brains work or at the very least how our society seems to work. We may say we are so blessed, we love our life, our opportunities, our families and friends, but do we? We may tell people every day that we love them, or we miss them, or that we would help them if they need anything, but do we really mean it?

How much of our lives are filled with empty words or false promises. I love my family and close friends but would I really do anything for them if they asked or would I have an excuse of why I couldn't do what they asked? Maybe my heart is in the right place, but my head isn't. Maybe my motives are right, but life doesn't seem to allow it. How often do we make an offer and hope that the other person doesn't accept it?

You see we don't always have an attitude or heart problem. Sometimes we have the best of intentions. Sometimes we really mean what we say, but often times we don't. Often times we make excuse after excuse. Often times we purposefully make our life so busy so we don't have the time to do some things we know we should.

It doesn't just happen with our families, friends or life circumstances, but it happens to us personally. We say we need to do_____ for ourselves, but we don't. We know we need to make time to better ourselves, but we don't. We say we'll read our Bibles, but we don't. We say we'll work on a stronger prayer life, but we don't. We say we'll give God 5 minutes in the morning or at night, but we don't.

We say a lot of things to ourselves, our loved ones and God, but we don't follow through. We don't make the changes we promised. We don't make the time. We just mess up a lot. Maybe we can find something or someone we can blame, but at some point we have to realize we are the ones that are really at fault. It's not anyone else's fault but mine.

The change has to start with you. Those false promises don't just impact the people you gave them too, but yourself. It doesn't just put a mark on your character, but on your heart. It slowly becomes easier to continue with the lies or let downs whether they are intentional or unintentional. The you that you were or intended to be slowly fades away.

You need to focus on your current opportunities. Focus on the people in your life now. Focus on your relationships now. Don't wait for an empty bed or empty home to realize what you should have been doing. Don't be so busy now that you will be full of regret later. Don't continue to take things for granted.

Don't miss opportunities because you think you'll have another chance. Life is fleeting. Change happens. People die. Time ticks right on by. Don't waste your life. Don't give in to the easy path. Make the effort. Climb longer, fight less, work harder, love now, embrace what your are given because you never know when it will be taken away. Live like you don't know what tomorrow will bring because we truly don't know what it will be.

Be grateful. Show love. Be patient. Show grace. Be present. Show compassion. Be the person you would be proud of. Show up when you say you will. Be there while you know you can. Embrace the present, let go of the past, look forward to the future, but don't depend on it. You just don't know what it will hold for you.

Make the best of today. Make the best of you. Make the best of your life. Make the best of what you are given and realize what adjustments you need to make for today. You aren't the only one depending on it or you. Be what God created and who He created you for.

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