Wednesday, January 4, 2017


December 22, 2016

You prayed for ____. You always kept the faith even when others doubted. Where's your faith now? Do you forget how awesome God is, how He orchestrates everything in your life. Do you trust His plan always or just when it's the plan that you think you want in a place that you prefer. Everything isn't always going to be the picture perfect story. Life isn't always perfect. Jobs aren't always perfect. People aren't always perfect. So What. Say it again So What!

Stop focusing on the past, stop focusing on what things were. Focus on the now, the plans God has for you. Seasons change. Lifestyles change. God's still in control. Trust Him. Believe in His plan for you. You many not understand it all. Things may not seem right to you, but have they ever? Even in the moments where you look back and think how awesome things were there was still confusion. There was still disbelief. There was still uncertainty. There was still time out of your comfort zone. Why is now any different than that? Why is now so much worse? Why is now a season filled with lost joy? Don't you trust God? Doesn't He live inside of you?

Your joy isn't about things of this world, it's about who lives inside of you. Suck it up! You sound like a baby who isn't getting her way. A way that you think, a perspective that you imagined. A plan that you had inside of your head. That isn't usually what God has in mind and His ways are ALWAYS better than yours. He doesn't put you places for nothing. You are here for a reason. You need to find that reason. He will show it to you in time. Until then be faithful, stand your ground, teach anyone that will listen. Focus on making you better. Focus on finding your joy and peace. Focus on God and everything else will fall into place. Stop whining and start praising. You are in a new season of life. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Live it. Trust Him, The maker of the universe, The giver of peace and understanding. He's never let you down before so why would He start now?

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